Service Assurance Solution—BrixHawk SA (Formerly BrixMobile)

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Service Assurance Solution—BrixHawk SA (Formerly BrixMobile)

Service Assurance Solution—BrixHawk SA (Formerly BrixMobile)

Assures quality of service for mobile providers and interoperability between transport technologies and multivendor equipment.






  • Data service assurance
  • Wireless service assurance

Key Features and Benefits

  • Highly scalable: suits all networks, from small core systems to large multitechnology systems
  • One combined solution meeting the needs of all groups within the organization: management and marketing, operation and maintenance, help desk and engineering
  • Unique flow analysis, namely for measuring the customer’s quality of experience; easy identification of failed calls and network bottlenecks
  • A true multitechnology solution: LTE, 3G (UTRAN with HSPA), 2.5/2G (GERAN), CS/PS core and IN network monitoring with one platform


A Single Solution for 24/7 Monitoring of all Mobile Networks

BrixHawk SA is EXFO’s advanced multitechnology application for assuring the service quality of mobile networks. Modern mobile networks are under constant evolution with new technologies and techniques coming from various vendors. In addition, since competition is fierce in the mobile network marketplace, operators are under pressure to maximize the performance of their networks and provide their customers with flawless services and precise billing. To achieve and maintain such quality of service (QoS), they need powerful, first-class instruments to ensure interoperability between IP and traditional transport technologies as well as between different vendors’ equipment.

The BrixMobile solution

The BrixHawk SA solution

Highly Scalable System

Not in all networks are massive and costly monitoring and reporting systems needed from the beginning of use. In many cases, monitoring and troubleshooting starts with smaller systems, and then expands as network monitoring needs grow. BrixHawk SA’s easy scalability provides small and mid-sized network operators with a solution that evolves from a small core system to a more advanced system that delivers complete support for 3G/2G and mobile core networks, as well as new technologies such as LTE.

As an open solution, BrixHawk SA is a robust call data storage platform for reporting applications (e.g., key performance indicators (KPIs) on network performance monitoring, billing verification, or any in-house solution). The call data is accessible via standard northbound interfaces, enabling the BrixHawk SA platform integration as a new data source on any operative NMS solution.

Analysis, Troubleshooting and Estimation

BrixHawk SA offers highly efficient end-user tools for network-problem troubleshooting, customer-trouble ticket investigation, network-failure isolation and many other needs. Not only can users access and investigate the subscribers’ event log on XDR databases, but they can benefit from detailed protocol views that help them identify the cause for reported problems.

BrixHawk SA supports the latest 3GPP protocols, including LTE, HSPA and 3G/2G technologies, as well as the newest vendor-proprietary specifications.

BrixHawk SA Components

The BrixHawk SA system consists of verifier capture units, signaling processing units and end-user tools for XDR queries and detailed protocol analysis (M5 Analyzer option). Configuration and health monitoring is performed through System Administrator 5000 applications. EXFO provides turnkey installation and training to help you get started quickly and easily.

The BrixMobile system architecture

The BrixHawk SA system architecture

BrixHawk SA Software—XDR Views and Protocol Analysis

BrixHawk SA’s Web-based XDR query tool enables you to easily retrieve a call/session/operation within a large XDR database in just a few seconds, searching the XDRs according to a specific time frame (day, starting time, duration) or event type (successful or unsuccessful end state). The queries can be extended with subscriber details such as IMSI, IMEI, calling/called party number or link/network element information.

If the XDR information is not complete enough for resolving the problem, you can turn to the M5 Analyzer option for advanced investigation. Featuring a truly intuitive GUI for offline use as a Windows client application, M5 Analyzer comes with XDR viewing and a protocol monitoring tools.

The M5 Analyzer option simplifies protocol analysis thanks to multiple advanced views:

  • The Message Sequence Chart view (ladder diagram) clearly displays the message flows.
  • The Single-Line Decoding view presents a one-line sum-up of the event information and protocol content.
  • The Detailed Decoding view provides the full signaling information.

Protocol messages are correlated between the views, making it easy to carry out the analysis while switching from one view to another. The M5 option also features an extensive Protocol Help tool that delivers additional general information about the 3GPP releases and detailed information about hundreds of LTE/3G/Core specifications.

BrixHawk SA Software—System Administration

The BrixHawk SA 5000 application lets you monitor the performance and health of the verifier capture units (CU) and signaling processing units (SPU). SA 5000 provides essential system-status information during the deployment phase, helping you identify the optimal configuration for each environment.

SA 5000 offers configurable alerts, enabling the system administrator to be notified of system malfunction threats, performance overload, etc. This software solution supervises the CU and SPU processes and allows the system to recover automatically in case of critical failure.

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BV-5000M Signaling Processing Unit

  • Automatic data storage and processing unit for data signaling
  • Data storage capacity from 3 up to 7 terabytes
  • Open MySQL database is accessible via M5 Analyzer option or SQL API (separated third-party license agreement required)
  • Unit monitoring via the BrixHawk System Administrator 5000 (SA 5000) application

BV-5010M Verifier Capture Unit

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  • Highly expandable
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  • Data stored in trace file repository in the BrixHawk BV-5000M Signaling Processing Unit or any file server
  • Remote configuration via web-based GUI

BV-5100M Verifier Capture Unit (for STM-1/OC-3 and STM-4/OC-12 transports)

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  • Remotely configurable
  • Data stored in trace file repository of BrixHawk SA BV-5000M Signaling Processing Unit or external file server

BV-5200M Verifier Capture Unit (for E1/T1 transports)

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