Online Corporate Communications Advertising

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Online Corporate Communications Advertising

Planetbridge is pleased to inform you that we are the owners of some social/professional media platforms group network with focus on Africa and the developed world. In addition, we have the online media publishing capability to reach billions online and on all major platforms and we can connect to billions in google/facebook population or geographic specific location of any country population in diasporas who will also see our communication wherever they are in the world.

I.            Overview:  social media and corporate communications (Ref: online published)

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Social media has revolutionized corporate communications, rapidly changing the way that public relations campaigns or programs are distributed and measured. Rather than the traditional method of pure output, social media has forced corporate communications to shift to a dialogue in which the stakeholders, and not just the companies, have power over the message. Social media is a revolutionary communications tool that has quickly changed the ways in which public relations is practiced, becoming an integral part of corporate communications for many companies and offering public relations practitioner’s new options for every aspect of the corporate communication process.

(I)                 Overview: Social media and corporate communications:

Love it or hate it, social media must now be firmly on every company’s radar. As Richard Edwards of Native Consultancy argued in a recent post, every corporate communicator and IRO must ask themselves, if they have not yet done so, how they should approach social media.

But how can you determine when and if you should engage with social media? One useful line of inquiry is to look at what everyone else is doing. At Planetbridge, we can deliver your contents to many viewers on the internet anywhere in the world with our 3 steps campaign management.

56% of the FTSE 100 now uses social media for corporate communications

Let’s view some industry statistics. The latest Investis IQ Research found that 56% of the FTSE 100 and 47% of the FTSE 250 now have at least one social media account used primarily for Corporate or IR purposes and who link to that account from their corporate website. This is up from 28% and 8% respectively from two years ago.

In other words, we have already reached the point where using social media for corporate communications is the norm, rather than the exception.

America leads the field – UK companies meet the global average

Looking globally, corporate social media has been adopted most enthusiastically in America, where an impressive 82% of the S&P 100 has at least one corporate/IR social media account linked to from the corporate/IR site while 63% operate across three or more social networks.

At the other end of the scale, the Russian RTSI and the Portuguese PSI are yet to embrace social media in any meaningful way.

In the global context, FTSE 350 companies are performing adequately – but they may wish to do more to meet the expectations of their international audience.

Google, Linkedin & Twitter dominates corporate use

It’s also worth looking at how the use of individual social media networks has increased over time – which helps to determine the most relevant networks. “Planetbridge” has a youtube video channel which can be viewed by millions of people. It’s clear that Linkedin, Twitter, Google ad-suites, youtube are far and away the most popular social network for corporate communicators whereas Facebook is the most popular social network globally. The FTSE 100’s limited adoption of LinkedIn is surprising – the overall rate here is now matched by the FTSE 250.

It’s also clear that FTSE 100 adoption s slowed slightly in the past six months, whereas the FTSE 250, coming from a lower base, has increased its take-up rate. Only an experienced Online Campaign management firm like Planetbridge Nigeria knows how to combine many platforms to communicate to a targeted audience. We can also provide on request some premium tools or software that can perform an all in one marketing campaign strategy.

Basic Resources companies in the UK are struggling

Finally, we can look at which industries and sectors are doing best at adopting social media. This data interrogates nearly 750 companies across 13 indices in America, Europe, Asia and Australasia and is a useful indication of what investors, analysts and other stakeholders may expect in a given sector.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, technology and telecommunications companies do best here, with well over three-quarters of them using at least one social media account for corporate communications. At the other end of the scale, Basic Materials, Oil & Gas and Financials all perform badly.

However, within these, it is worth noting that around 60% of chemical companies, insurance companies and banks are all engaged, whereas real estate companies do particularly badly. The relatively poor performance of the Oil & Gas companies is also odd: it turns out that the biggest players (such as Shell, BP, Chevron and ENI) all do well individually but the sector as a whole is dragged down by a large number of exploration companies, most notably in Russia.

In general, FTSE 350 performance slightly underperforms the global average. Exceptions can be seen in Technology (where just one company makes no use of social media) and Consumer Services (Retail & Travel & Leisure do well here). However, UK social media use in the Basic Materials industries – and in the Basic Resources sector in particular – is a cause for concern. With the notable exceptions of Anglo American and Rio Tinto who are both extremely active, very little is being done here.


Ultimately, the nature of the individual company and the style and inclination of its senior management will determine whether or not the time is ripe to engage on social media. However, our research confirms that social media is continuing to reach into every corner of corporate life, in every sector, index and country. Given this trend, stakeholders will be beginning to ask of companies that are resolutely avoiding social media, what have they got to hide? We have recorded success in increasing follower-ship for individuals & organizations, including calling and increasing traffic to thousands of participants to enroll in an online voting system for an award.

      II.   Financial cost for campaign – Varies on Project Type. Ps. Request for Quote

      III.            REFERENCE (Customers)

i.            Wise Women UK/Nigeria Awards online

ii.            MTN Qualified bid (Nethawk Campaign Success)

iii.            Partnership enhanced by online campaign – Nethawk Finland, Celltrust Africa, USG – UK, fibrequet, Comsquest, Txo, Livingston, Schneider and Steiner, just to mention a few.

Overview:  social media and corporate communications (Ref: online Pub)

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