Introducing Our 4th Blog Planetbridge Car-stand!

by on 22/08/16 at 2:46 pm


Hi Everyone,

We are happy to announce the introduction of our 4th additional blog to cover everything related to CARS! We are also excited to inform all our registered users that you can now post your contents freely. Please note that we will only Publish your first two posts for FREE . You must Register and log in as a User to enable you post. To Post from your front end, just click on  the Publish Your Contents menu.

With this new addition , we now have FOUR (4) blogs which provides interactions in the four following categories: –

  1. – For every discussion under Information and Communication Technology Category
  2. –  For every discussion under General category. Adverts, News etc
  3. – For every discussion under Real Estate Category.
  4. – For every discussion related to Cars

All registered users can post worldwide contents as we have worldwide visitors. This can be seen on the Live Traffic feed on the side bar. Soon you will be able to click the Country of your choice to view the posts by Country.

Don’t DELAY! Register today and then Publish Two Free posts for Our Content Marketing.

Thank you for Reading. We look forward to reading from you!

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