ZTE to announce the first gigabit phone at MWC

by on 17/02/17 at 11:34 am

ZTE LTE phone

ZTE to announce the first gigabit phone at MWC

What a time to be alive – gigabit connection is right around the corner. We already have telecoms testing the new networks in various cities to technically allow 1Gbps download. And now ZTE will show off the first gigabit LTE smartphone.

The name of the device is, fittingly, ZTE Gigabit Phone and we don’t know much more about it. The company itself promises the device will be able to take 360-degree VR, 4K video and instant cloud storage. The phone probably is going to aim for the markets that support such speeds like United States and Australia.

Earlier this year Qualcomm announced its latest chipset Snapdragon 835 includes gigabit LTE-capable X16 modem. For now we can only guess if the Gigabit Phone will have the latest SoC by the San Diego-based company or another solution.

Nevertheless a gigabit phone sure looks promising if it can deliver both 1Gbps speed and proper performance.

Story Source: GSM Arena

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