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This is a summarised T&C as online payment has not been fully implemented for all services. We still deal with customers on telephone consultation for such service.

For all Online payments for “OFFERED SERVICES” on our site including Online Campaign Management and “Global digital publishing” (which we wanted to give absolute free trials for 14days but had to charge a dollar because zero dollar ($0) isn’t configurable)”, No cancellation of order after order is placed. For “Online Campaigns, please give 24hrs to 48 hours for traffic response to your campaigns, adverts or increase in traffic to your event site etc.

We do not advertise fraudulent sites or bridge Sites. Bridge Sites are sites which redirects the viewer to another site on landing.

Terms and conditions reserve the rights to change at short notice. Terms and Condition updates as “posted” on this page, may not reflect the current company update. Our helpdesk will support our blog users and customers to try and resolve any user issues. 2CHECKOUT is our payment provider and online banker and have reliable support in Ohio USA. You will be transfered to their secured SSL gateway after this screen. Thank you for your membership at Planetbridge.

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