April 20, 2018

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Samson Switchblade, world first flying cars goes on sale earlier 2018


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Samson Motors plans to launch its flying vehicle named Switchblade early next year.

Samson Motors has just introduced the first flying sports car in the world with the speed of 200mph (320km/h) named the Switchblade.

Designed by Samson Motors, the flying car has a 5.1m long three-wheel body and two seats. Besides, its extendable wings and retractable tail can fold out to lengthen the car to 6.2m, enabling the car to run both on the road and in the sky.

The Switchblade 

The model can run on the ground at 100mph (160 km/hour) while reaching 200mph (320 km/hour) in the sky.

However, the car cannot take off from the road like VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) vehicles but from regular airports. Furthermore, it is able to cruise at an altitude of 13,000 feet with the top speed of 200mph. The flying car is also equipped with a safety parachute.

The 2018 Samson Switchblade features a 5-speed transmission, a liquid-cooled 1.6-litre V4 engine producing 190bhp, allowing the car to run about 450 miles within the 113-litre fuel tank.

2018 Samson Switchblade

The 2018 Samson Switchblade features a 5-speed transmission

The Switchblade is available in three versions, namely the Snowbird, Trek, and Aurora. The Snowbird is for the colder weather, the Trek is designed for the heavy-duty landing and the last one is the combination of the Trek and Snowbird.

The flying car will go on sale at the price of $120,000. However, you have to acquire a pilot’s licence to fly it.

Switchblade 2018

The Switchblade 2018 is available in three versions, namely the Snowbird, Trek, and Aurora

Samson faces an array of other firms such as Urban Aeronautics, Airbus, Lilium Aviation, Terrafugia TF-X, Volocopter, S2, EHang, and AeroMobil, who join the race to be the first to have a flying car.

Culled from NaijaAuto: https://naijauto.com/new-releases/samson-switchblade-world-first-flying-cars-goes-on-sale-earlier-2018-176?utm_source=fbads&utm_medium=ctw&utm_campaign=nige21812linhanhfp6

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