A survey has revealed that out of every 10 cars on the road especially those with Lagos and Abuja number plates, at least 4 are not genuine. It has been discovered that some people were producing fake and duplicate number plates and giving out to innocent Nigerians. You can check your own now to confirm the genuineness of your number plate


B. THROUGH SMS: Send the Number Plate in The following format ”verifyplateno  the number plate” to 33324. For example “verifyplateno  ABC123AA” to 33324



  • There is no space between “verifyplateno”
  • There is space between verifyplateno and the registration number
  • There is no space between the number “ABC123AA”
  • The check is for only New Number Plate



  1. If the message reads “This number plate has been produced by FRSC and assigned to Toyota highlander on 20/01/2015”. If your car is Toyota highlander, then it is genuine. But if your car is Toyota Camry and your verification shows the above message, the solution is to go and re-register your car afresh.
  2. If the message reads “This number plate has been produced by FRSC and assigned to Matrix however the vehicle is yet to be registered”. If your car is Matrix, then just go back to the person that registered your car and tell him/her to complete your registration.
  3. If the message reads “This plate number has been produced by FRSC but yet to be assign to any vehicle”. It means that they just gave you a number plate that is not even registered in their system. The solution is to go to FRSC to register your car and upload your information.
  4. If the message reads “An invalid/wrong number plate”. It means your vehicle number plate does not have any form of registration with the FRSC

Note: The verification is only apply to new number plates with formats ABC123AB not AB123 ABC