Quick sale: kado plot size
1) 1,652.41sqm buildable around next Cash & Cary title c of o ready part payment paid , 40m

Developed property for quick & desperate sale!!

2) 6bedroom detach duplex with 4 bedroom g/ chalet & 4 room bq on 1,000sq title c of o at wuse zone1 110m.

3) 2units 4 bedroom bungalow each with 2 room bq on 1,250sq title c of o at wuse zone2 110m.

4) 6 bedroom detach duple with 2bedroom g/ chalet & 2room bq, swimming pool, ac, gen, on 1,200sq at asokoro 200m.

5) 2units of 5bedroom bungalow each +bq good for commercial or residential purpose on 1,250sq title c of o at garki district 100m.

6) Well finished 7bedroom detach duplex with 2beroom g/ chalet & 3room bq on 2,000sq title c of o at asokoro by yakubu Gowon 350m

7) 32units new 3 bedroom well finish flat each on 4,700sq title c of o at jabi 1.5b

8) 4 bedroom semi detach duplex corner piece with space for bq 2 sitting (carcass) title direct f c d a allocation offer at new karmo by Nigeria Turkish hospital 25m

9) Well finish 3bedroom flat at Yahyale Ahmed estate back of shop rite apo title ONO 16.5m

10) Well finished 3 bedroom bungalow with 2 room bq at life camp Efab estate title ONO 20m.

11) Renovated 3 bedroom bungalow corner piece with space for bq at kubwa phase 3 title direct fcda allocation c of o bill paid for 19.5m

12) 3 bedroom detach bungalow carcass with big space for bq at sunny vale estate title ONO 23m

13) Well finished office/shop at Shakir plaza area11-title ONO 16.5m.

14) 5bedroom detach duplex 90% complete on 1,500sq title FHA gwarinpa around chaly boy 50m asking

15) 6bedroom detach duplex with 2bedroom g/ chalet & studio room bq on 900sq at apo by nepa title offer c of o fully paid for 78m

16) 5bedroom detach duplex + bq on 650sq at Kaduna with Kaduna state c of o 20m

17) 5units 1bedroom bungalow with 1bedroom pent house at garki2 by old femar on 1,000sq title c of o 150m asking

18) 2bedroom terrace duplex + study at garki area10 title c of o 28m

19) 3bedroom flat at garki area2 title c of o 15.5m

20) 2bedroom terrace bungalow at garki area7 and area 8 title c of o 17m each

21) 2 units 5 bedroom duplex each in one compound, each + 1bdroom flat bq on 1,300sqm located at jabi around shoprite lake 13m per annum rent for both and 250m sale.

22) 4bedroom terrace duplex with space for bq or extension located at maitama 55m

23) 2 unit 5b/r semi detached duplex sitting on 1500m2 land @ Gwaripa by Charli boy. Both go for N50m net.

24) lugbe 1 crd purpose MF size 3.360 hactr old c of o 40m

25) Mpape size 1,796sq purpose MF old c of o 45m

26) Karmo by Turkish hospital garden park & recreation events purpose size 3.hactr tarred road 30m

27) Durumi back of America int’l school size 600sq residential 18m

28) Katampe ext size 909sq purpose residential c of o 50m

29) wuye size 3,100sq purpose commercial c of o 100m

30) Katampe main size 1, 300sq buildable purpose residential c of o 30m

31) Karmo on the major road size 1,260sq purpose residential MF c of o 15m

32) Kubwa size 1,100sq purpose residential r of o 11m

33) gaduwa size 1,374sq purpose residential MF c of o 35m

34) kado size 1, 500sq purpose residential 40m c of o.

Residential /commercial land for quick sale

35) Kado size 2,291sq purpose residential c of o 50m

36) Karsana north size 13.6hactr purpose commercial, office complex, plaza, not specified c of o 1b

37) Karsana south size 20.18hactr purpose mass housing r of o N1 bill

38) dutse apo size 1.5hactr purpose Commercial, not specified r of o 150m

39) Dakibiyu size 2.21hactr purpose commercial,shopping & neighborhood centre, office, r of o 200m

40) Duboyi size 3,161sq purpose residential r of o 55m

41) Institutions & research size 1.4hactr purpose public institution institute r of o 60m

42) Katampe ext size 2,300sq purpose residential c of o 60m

43) Katampe main size 3,782sq purpose residential MF, housing estate c of o 160m

44) kubwa Fo1size 657sq purpose residential tarred road r of o 9m

45) Guzape size 3,800sq purpose commercial ,not specified r of o ,c of o fully paid 170m

Residential / commercial land for quick sale

46) kubwa gwarimpa katampe express way size 8,200sq purpose MF 85m R oF o

47) Durumi by america int l school size 1,800sq purpose residential with building approval 80m c of o

48) katampe main size 6,516sq purpose hospital 190m c of o

49) GUDU size 4,000sq purpose residential/MF 200m c of o

50) Aviation village airport size 2.7Ha purpose public institution not specified r of o 220m

51) durumi size 5,000sq purpose hotel not specified 250m c of o

52) Idu industrial area size 9,700sq and 8,900sq purpose industrial/commercial office, wear house, 50m and 150m both c of o

53) katampe extension size 3,800sq purpose residential 120m c of o

54) karmo size 9,700sq purpose housing estate 170m c of o

55) Jahi size 972sq purpose residential 21m r of o

56) kado size 2.ha purpose hotel commercial c of o 1,1b

57) Asokoro size 3,481sq purpose residential c of o 175m

58) wuye size 6, 400sq purpose residential housing estate c of o 300m asking

59) wuye size 1,320sq purpose residential c of o 60m

60) Wuye size 1, 300 sqm purpose residential r of o 38m

61) GUDU back of adisa estate size 1,500sq purpose residential c of o 60m

62) Dutse apo size 1,700sqm purpose residential/ MF c of o 75m

63) GUDU size 5,900sq purpose hotel commercial 300m c of o.

64) Lubge 1 Around FHA size 1,900sq purpose residential with building approval r of o fcda 15m

65) Dape back of paradise estate size 1,900sq purpose residential 22m r of o

66) Kyami size 10 hactr purpose MF mixed use 450m r of o

67) Mabushi size 1,340sq purpose residential 35m c of o

68) Mabushi size 2,100sqm purpose commercial 60m c of o

69) Guzape size 1, 550sq purpose residential with building approval c of o 75m

70) Guzape size 1,200sq purpose residential c of o 65m

71) Guzape size 5,400sq purpose residential r of o 250m

72) Guzape gardeen park & recreation size 3hcter 30m

73) Karu fha size 1,000sq purpose residential r of o 10m

74) Karu new Karu size by cbn 1,300 DBC level residential 28m

75) asokoro by aya size 2,100sq purpose residential c of o 85m

76) Asokoro by AIT size 2,100sq purpose residential c of o 70m

77) Jabi size 1,300sq purpose residential c of o 80m

78) Garki size 2,200sqm purpose residential MF c of o 150m

79) Katampe main size 630sq purpose residential c of o 16m

80) Lokogoma size 6.4hactr purpose housing estate/ MF r of o 550m

81) GUDU size 2,770sq purpose commercial not specified c of o 65m

82) Durumi American int l school size 3,200 purpose commercial c of o 120m

83) FOR QUICK SALE. IJA PLOT No 10 size 1,400sq r of o 1million

84) DISTRESS SALE ! A petrol filing station with 12 pomp, 20 nuzzle, sitting on 4,500sqm land for quick sale in abuja price 400m

85) For quick sale! 3 bedroom detached carcass bungalow with space for bq sitting on 650sq at sun city estate 26m

86) Desperate Sale!!
A 7bedroom detached duplex
2bedroom flat guest chalet
3rooms bq,Acs,gen,intercom
Swimming pool, Water treatment
Beautiful gardeen/play ground
Sitting on 2,000sqm in Asokoro
300m net

87) New Year Desperate sales !!
Our prime located 1,250sqm land with 2 units 5 bedroom bungalow each with bq the property can be knocked down for A new development structure or renovated into residential, offices, restaurant, shop,supermarket, etc’ the subject property is within environment of mixed use area of garki2 district off ladoke akintola street, title c of o -price 85m net!! direct to the owner

88) SUPER & TASTEFULLY finished 3bedroom semi detached bungalow all room en suite with 1bedroom flat BQ at efab estate nbora lifecamp 20m

89) SUPER finished 3bedroom flat at yahyale hamad estate apo 17m

90) Desperate sale. office space,shop, store, size 37sqm at area11 off hamadu bello way price 15m title ONO

91) Distress desperate sale!!
2 bedroom semi detached bungalow with 2 rooms bq fenced gated with borehole at efab estate lokogoma 15.5m

New Year desperate sale!!
92) Location next cash and carry express way to gwarimpa size 2,960sqm fenced title R of o purpose commercial/fast food restaurant 130m give away.

Price reduction!!
93) Our FO2 size 707.49sqm fenced gated tarred road buildable & liveable with c o f o is now slash down to 5.5m

Price reduction!!
94) Our 4 bedroom terrace duplex with space for bq or expansion at maitama abuja is now slashed down to 50m title c of o

Desperate distress sale!!
95) Size 1.4Hactr of land at Dakibiyu abuja purpose public institution/school title c of o 70m asking

96)Size 1,580sqm of land at wuye abuja tarred road purpose residential title R of o 40m

Quick letting!!
97) 3bedroom renovated flat at area2 garki off moshood abiola way 1.2m

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