FOR SALE: 5 bedroom Duplex with 2 sitting rooms at Ikorodu Lagos

FOR SALE: The house is a 5 bedroom Duplex with 2 sitting rooms up and down.

Location is Ori Okuta ikorodu by owutu Agric bus stop ikorodu Rd. Lagos.

Asking is 25m serious buyer minimum 22m
Aside the Duplex there is a bungalow of 3 bedroom and 2 two studio rooms at the back of the 3 b/r. all ensuite.
Call: 08033082421

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Quick sale: kado plot size
1) 1,652.41sqm buildable around next Cash & Cary title c of o ready part payment paid , 40m

Developed property for quick & desperate sale!!

2) 6bedroom detach duplex with 4 bedroom g/ chalet & 4 room bq on 1,000sq title c of o at wuse zone1 110m.

3) 2units 4 bedroom bungalow each with 2 room bq on 1,250sq title c of o at wuse zone2 110m.

4) 6 bedroom detach duple with 2bedroom g/ chalet & 2room bq, swimming pool, ac, gen, on 1,200sq at asokoro 200m.

5) 2units of 5bedroom bungalow each +bq good for commercial or residential purpose on 1,250sq title c of o at garki district 100m.

6) Well finished 7bedroom detach duplex with 2beroom g/ chalet & 3room bq on 2,000sq title c of o at asokoro by yakubu Gowon 350m

7) 32units new 3 bedroom well finish flat each on 4,700sq title c of o at jabi 1.5b

8) 4 bedroom semi detach duplex corner piece with space for bq 2 sitting (carcass) title direct f c d a allocation offer at new karmo by Nigeria Turkish hospital 25m

9) Well finish 3bedroom flat at Yahyale Ahmed estate back of shop rite apo title ONO 16.5m

10) Well finished 3 bedroom bungalow with 2 room bq at life camp Efab estate title ONO 20m.

11) Renovated 3 bedroom bungalow corner piece with space for bq at kubwa phase 3 title direct fcda allocation c of o bill paid for 19.5m

12) 3 bedroom detach bungalow carcass with big space for bq at sunny vale estate title ONO 23m

13) Well finished office/shop at Shakir plaza area11-title ONO 16.5m.

14) 5bedroom detach duplex 90% complete on 1,500sq title FHA gwarinpa around chaly boy 50m asking

15) 6bedroom detach duplex with 2bedroom g/ chalet & studio room bq on 900sq at apo by nepa title offer c of o fully paid for 78m

16) 5bedroom detach duplex + bq on 650sq at Kaduna with Kaduna state c of o 20m

17) 5units 1bedroom bungalow with 1bedroom pent house at garki2 by old femar on 1,000sq title c of o 150m asking

18) 2bedroom terrace duplex + study at garki area10 title c of o 28m

19) 3bedroom flat at garki area2 title c of o 15.5m

20) 2bedroom terrace bungalow at garki area7 and area 8 title c of o 17m each

21) 2 units 5 bedroom duplex each in one compound, each + 1bdroom flat bq on 1,300sqm located at jabi around shoprite lake 13m per annum rent for both and 250m sale.

22) 4bedroom terrace duplex with space for bq or extension located at maitama 55m

23) 2 unit 5b/r semi detached duplex sitting on 1500m2 land @ Gwaripa by Charli boy. Both go for N50m net.

24) lugbe 1 crd purpose MF size 3.360 hactr old c of o 40m

25) Mpape size 1,796sq purpose MF old c of o 45m

26) Karmo by Turkish hospital garden park & recreation events purpose size 3.hactr tarred road 30m

27) Durumi back of America int’l school size 600sq residential 18m

28) Katampe ext size 909sq purpose residential c of o 50m

29) wuye size 3,100sq purpose commercial c of o 100m

30) Katampe main size 1, 300sq buildable purpose residential c of o 30m

31) Karmo on the major road size 1,260sq purpose residential MF c of o 15m

32) Kubwa size 1,100sq purpose residential r of o 11m

33) gaduwa size 1,374sq purpose residential MF c of o 35m

34) kado size 1, 500sq purpose residential 40m c of o.

Residential /commercial land for quick sale

35) Kado size 2,291sq purpose residential c of o 50m

36) Karsana north size 13.6hactr purpose commercial, office complex, plaza, not specified c of o 1b

37) Karsana south size 20.18hactr purpose mass housing r of o N1 bill

38) dutse apo size 1.5hactr purpose Commercial, not specified r of o 150m

39) Dakibiyu size 2.21hactr purpose commercial,shopping & neighborhood centre, office, r of o 200m

40) Duboyi size 3,161sq purpose residential r of o 55m

41) Institutions & research size 1.4hactr purpose public institution institute r of o 60m

42) Katampe ext size 2,300sq purpose residential c of o 60m

43) Katampe main size 3,782sq purpose residential MF, housing estate c of o 160m

44) kubwa Fo1size 657sq purpose residential tarred road r of o 9m

45) Guzape size 3,800sq purpose commercial ,not specified r of o ,c of o fully paid 170m

Residential / commercial land for quick sale

46) kubwa gwarimpa katampe express way size 8,200sq purpose MF 85m R oF o

47) Durumi by america int l school size 1,800sq purpose residential with building approval 80m c of o

48) katampe main size 6,516sq purpose hospital 190m c of o

49) GUDU size 4,000sq purpose residential/MF 200m c of o

50) Aviation village airport size 2.7Ha purpose public institution not specified r of o 220m

51) durumi size 5,000sq purpose hotel not specified 250m c of o

52) Idu industrial area size 9,700sq and 8,900sq purpose industrial/commercial office, wear house, 50m and 150m both c of o

53) katampe extension size 3,800sq purpose residential 120m c of o

54) karmo size 9,700sq purpose housing estate 170m c of o

55) Jahi size 972sq purpose residential 21m r of o

56) kado size 2.ha purpose hotel commercial c of o 1,1b

57) Asokoro size 3,481sq purpose residential c of o 175m

58) wuye size 6, 400sq purpose residential housing estate c of o 300m asking

59) wuye size 1,320sq purpose residential c of o 60m

60) Wuye size 1, 300 sqm purpose residential r of o 38m

61) GUDU back of adisa estate size 1,500sq purpose residential c of o 60m

62) Dutse apo size 1,700sqm purpose residential/ MF c of o 75m

63) GUDU size 5,900sq purpose hotel commercial 300m c of o.

64) Lubge 1 Around FHA size 1,900sq purpose residential with building approval r of o fcda 15m

65) Dape back of paradise estate size 1,900sq purpose residential 22m r of o

66) Kyami size 10 hactr purpose MF mixed use 450m r of o

67) Mabushi size 1,340sq purpose residential 35m c of o

68) Mabushi size 2,100sqm purpose commercial 60m c of o

69) Guzape size 1, 550sq purpose residential with building approval c of o 75m

70) Guzape size 1,200sq purpose residential c of o 65m

71) Guzape size 5,400sq purpose residential r of o 250m

72) Guzape gardeen park & recreation size 3hcter 30m

73) Karu fha size 1,000sq purpose residential r of o 10m

74) Karu new Karu size by cbn 1,300 DBC level residential 28m

75) asokoro by aya size 2,100sq purpose residential c of o 85m

76) Asokoro by AIT size 2,100sq purpose residential c of o 70m

77) Jabi size 1,300sq purpose residential c of o 80m

78) Garki size 2,200sqm purpose residential MF c of o 150m

79) Katampe main size 630sq purpose residential c of o 16m

80) Lokogoma size 6.4hactr purpose housing estate/ MF r of o 550m

81) GUDU size 2,770sq purpose commercial not specified c of o 65m

82) Durumi American int l school size 3,200 purpose commercial c of o 120m

83) FOR QUICK SALE. IJA PLOT No 10 size 1,400sq r of o 1million

84) DISTRESS SALE ! A petrol filing station with 12 pomp, 20 nuzzle, sitting on 4,500sqm land for quick sale in abuja price 400m

85) For quick sale! 3 bedroom detached carcass bungalow with space for bq sitting on 650sq at sun city estate 26m

86) Desperate Sale!!
A 7bedroom detached duplex
2bedroom flat guest chalet
3rooms bq,Acs,gen,intercom
Swimming pool, Water treatment
Beautiful gardeen/play ground
Sitting on 2,000sqm in Asokoro
300m net

87) New Year Desperate sales !!
Our prime located 1,250sqm land with 2 units 5 bedroom bungalow each with bq the property can be knocked down for A new development structure or renovated into residential, offices, restaurant, shop,supermarket, etc’ the subject property is within environment of mixed use area of garki2 district off ladoke akintola street, title c of o -price 85m net!! direct to the owner

88) SUPER & TASTEFULLY finished 3bedroom semi detached bungalow all room en suite with 1bedroom flat BQ at efab estate nbora lifecamp 20m

89) SUPER finished 3bedroom flat at yahyale hamad estate apo 17m

90) Desperate sale. office space,shop, store, size 37sqm at area11 off hamadu bello way price 15m title ONO

91) Distress desperate sale!!
2 bedroom semi detached bungalow with 2 rooms bq fenced gated with borehole at efab estate lokogoma 15.5m

New Year desperate sale!!
92) Location next cash and carry express way to gwarimpa size 2,960sqm fenced title R of o purpose commercial/fast food restaurant 130m give away.

Price reduction!!
93) Our FO2 size 707.49sqm fenced gated tarred road buildable & liveable with c o f o is now slash down to 5.5m

Price reduction!!
94) Our 4 bedroom terrace duplex with space for bq or expansion at maitama abuja is now slashed down to 50m title c of o

Desperate distress sale!!
95) Size 1.4Hactr of land at Dakibiyu abuja purpose public institution/school title c of o 70m asking

96)Size 1,580sqm of land at wuye abuja tarred road purpose residential title R of o 40m

Quick letting!!
97) 3bedroom renovated flat at area2 garki off moshood abiola way 1.2m

Call or chat with me privately
International: +234 8098082421

Local: 08033082421

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NOW SELLING: 2&3 Bedroom Bungalows for Sale in Abuja Nigeria. Xmas Rush!!

We are pleased to offer you over 200units of 2bedroom and 3bedrooms Bungalows in a lovely estate after city college  Karu.

2Bedrooms cost 10m & 3bedrooms is 15m Respectively. They are both detached and semi-detached all in a well fenced premises.

Please call: +2348098082421 or +2348033082421 urgently before other private or government staff organization takes it for their own staffs.

We have Mortgage Plan: 20% and 30% down payment for 2 & 3 Bedrooms bungalows respectively. The other Percentage will be given by FMBN @ 6% interest rate.

General Condition:

  1. The buyer will be required to appoint his solicitor for preparation and registration of all necessary transfer documents.
  2. The buyer will be required to pay a percentage of the sale price as our professional fee.



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Announcement: Blog For One Year Lease!

Dear Members and Visitors, In order to function more adequately in other core business areas of the Planetbridge business, our property blog with short URL: OR  is available for One Year “LEASE”. The “Leasee” has permission to market the properties on our direct briefs of PN Ltd for a 50% agency share. Additionally, the Leasee will get a “FREE” author account to upload his or her properties to the blog. The Blog is also digital marketing enabled and the “Leasee” can get online marketing services at 50% of company price. Additionally, the Leasee gets information on all the direct briefs agreements we have till date and briefs on the properties currently with our banners in Abuja, FCT. If “LEASEE” gets them sold, a 50% share of the 5% agency share is of Planetbridge Ltd will be alloted to the leasee. If you are interested, kindly, send an email with Subject: “Expression of Interest” – EOI FOR 12 MONTHS ESTATE BLOG OWNERSHIP to

For Lease cost enquiries,

Call Lanre: 08033082421
Thank You,

Web Admin

Lanre A

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Realities of Real Estate: New rules on how agents represent buyers and sellers

Bob and Donna McWilliams and Donna McWilliamsContact ReporterCorrespondents

On August 28, 2016, we wrote a column called “Who represents who in a real estate transaction.” In that column, we noted that rules regarding how agents represent buyers and sellers is much more complicated than most people think.

Generally, the public thinks that there are two types of agents, those who work for sellers, commonly known as Listing Agents and agents who work for buyers, or Buyer’s Agents. As we pointed out in our column, it’s not quite that simple. In fact, there are (or were) five types of agents, Presumed Buyer’s Agent, Buyer’s Agent, Seller’s Agent, Cooperating Agent and Intra-Company Agent or Dual Agent.

Our column also alluded to an upcoming change in real estate agent representation, and that change has now come to pass.

On Oct. 1, 2016, the Maryland Real Estate Commission (MREC) instituted entirely new rules with respect to agency representation. So, all that stuff we talked about in our August 28 column is out the window. Here’s how the new regulations work.

Instead of having five types of agents, there are now only four; we consider that progress!

First, let’s go over what hasn’t changed. There are still Buyer’s Agents and Seller’s Agents (or listing agents), as well as that more murky classification of Dual Agent. The MREC defines each of these as follows:

Buyer’s Agent: A buyer may enter into a written contract with a real estate broker which provides that the broker will represent the buyer in locating a property to buy. The agent from that broker’s company is then known as the buyer’s agent.

The buyer’s agent assists the buyer in evaluating properties and preparing offers and developing negotiation strategies and works in the best interest of the buyer. The agent’s fee is paid according to the written agreement between the broker and the buyer.

If you as a buyer wish to have an agent represent you, you must enter into a written buyer agency agreement.

Seller’s Agent: A seller’s agent works for the real estate company that lists and markets the property for the sellers and exclusively represents the sellers.

A Seller’s agent may assist the buyer in purchasing the property, but his or her duty of loyalty is only to the seller.

Dual Agents: The possibility of dual agency arises when the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent both work for the same real estate company, and the buyer is interested in property listed by that company.

The real estate broker or the broker’s designee, is called the “dual agent.” Dual agents do not act exclusively in the interests of either the seller or buyer, and therefore cannot give undivided loyalty to either party. There may be a conflict of interest because the interests of the seller and buyer may be different or adverse.

If both seller and buyer agree to dual agency by signing a Consent for Dual Agency form, the “dual agent” shall assign one agent to represent the seller and another agent to represent the buyer. Intra-company agents are required to provide the same services to their clients that agents provide in transactions not involving dual agency, including advising their clients as to price and negotiation strategies.

Under the old system, we had Cooperating Agents and Presumed Buyer’s Agents. Those types of agents no longer exist. Instead, we now have something called a Subagent. Here’s how the MREC describes a Subagent:

Subagent: A Subagent means a licensed real estate broker, licensed associate real estate broker or licensed real estate salesperson who is not affiliated with or acting as the listing real estate broker for a property, is not a buyer’s agent, has an agency relationship with the seller, and assists a prospective buyer in the acquisition of real estate for sale in a non-agency capacity.

The subagent works for a real estate company different from the company for which the seller’s agent works. The subagent can assist a buyer in purchasing a property, but his or her duty of loyalty is only to the seller.

By now, you’re probably thoroughly confused. But, don’t worry about that. Even though the document created by the Maryland Real Commission to describe all of this is two-pages long, we can sum it up for you in one sentence.

Unless you have a written Buyer Agency agreement with an agent, all agents represent the seller and are obligated to work in the best interest of the seller.

It doesn’t matter what company the house is listed with or company the agent showing you that house is affiliated with, agents all represent the seller, unless you have signed a written buyer agency agreement with an agent. Only then, can they represent your interests as a buyer. This also applies to agents holding an open house.

When you go to an open house, you should see the following notice from the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (DLLR):


This is to advise you that the agent who is conducting this Open House REPRESENT THE SELLER(S) AND IS REQUIRED BY LAW TO PROMOTE THE INTERESTS OF THE SELLER(S).

ANY INFORMATION YOU GIVE THIS AGENT IS NOT CONSIDERED CONFIDENTIAL under the Maryland Real Estate Brokers Act and could be disclosed to the seller of this property.

You, as a Buyer, are entitled to have someone represent you as a Buyer’s Agent if you are interested in this property. The duties of a buyer’s agent include helping you to evaluate the property, prepare an offer on the property, and negotiate in your best interests.

If you do not see this notice prominently displayed at an open house, the agent is violating DLLR regulations and would be subject to disciplinary action by the Maryland Real Estate Commission. It is also important to note the part about how “Any information you give this Agent is not considered confidential.”

That not only applies to an open house, it’s also relevant if an agent is showing you property and you don’t have a written buyer agency agreement with that agent. Anything you say to such an agent can go straight to the seller.

So, remember the old World War II saying, “loose lips can sink ships.” If you’re at an open house, or driving around with an agent who isn’t your buyer’s agent, comments like “this house is great, I’d be willing to pay full price” might very well destroy your ability to negotiate, since you’ve essentially shown your hand by making this type of comment to an agent who works for the seller.

In sum, the new agency rules might seem a little complicated on the surface, and it will take time for some agents to come up to speed, but in many ways, it’s simpler than the old system.

All you now need to remember is that, unless you have written buyer agency agreement, agents represent the seller.

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Property Updates, Abuja Nigeria

Hi, These are the property updates for the Federal Capital Territory area in Nigeria. If you reside in other countries and you would like to post your city property updates too, drop your comments here so I can give you access. You will just post your title like I did and put your city and country.


Niola A.



1- Dape Petrol Filling Station plot size 3454.75sqm C of O on tarred Rd. @250m

2- Kwali Estate plot by express rd. 200Ha C of O with Agis @400m

3- Idu Karimu, Size 1Ha estate plot C of O @170.

4- katampe main 3.5Ha Commercial plot R of O @N400m net.

5- Kafe, Size 4Ha commercial/Mixed use R of O @N450m.

6- WASA Size 45Ha Estate plots R of O @N20m per hectares asking.

7- Asokoro Commercial plot size 3725sqm C of O @N600m

8- Maitama duplex of 4bedroom, size 850sqm within an estate @300m

9- Kiyami 4ha Mixed use plot. C of O on Airport Rd Highway. @N700m.

10- Karsana South, Size 20.18Ha Mass Housing. @N1b. Asking

11- karsana North, Size 20Ha Mixed use R of O @650.

12- Kiyami, Mass housing Size 7.5Ha. R of O. N200m Negotiable


14- Jahi district, Size 7000sqm Commercial, C of O. N300m.

15- Utako, Size 9661.19sqm Multipurpose/Mixed use plot. R of O @N850m

16- Gwarinpa 1, Size 1.16Ha Estate plot R of O N200m.

17- Aviation- Bill Clinton Way Size 1.3Ha Commercial Shopping Complex R of O N65m

18- Aviation, Bill Clinton Way Size 2.7Ha Estate Devt R of O. @400m

19- Dakibiyu, size 1200sqm Residential C of O. N30m

20- Kukwaba, size 8428.24sqm Petrol Station R of O N400M.

21- Kyami, size 1.2Ha Commercial on Airport Rd Highway R of O. N250m

22- Karu, size 1.5Ha Estate Devt R of O N80m

23- ASOKORO – Six bedroom duplex located in Samuel Ajayi Crawder Street Asokoro FCT Abuja. With jacuzzi, 3 sitting rooms, guest tiolet. Two bedroom flat Guest Chalet ensuite, Two room Boys quarters with toilets ensuite, a swimming pool, a pool bar. C of O. N500M

24- Lugbe Estate plot, size 4Ha, price @45m C of O Agis.

25- GWAGWALADA FARMLAND, size 12Ha, price N15m C of O, Agis

26- KUJE FARMLAND, 50Ha N50m. R of O

27- KARU Size 1.2Ha estate @80m R of O.

28- Kukwaba, Commercial plot, 1Ha R of O @N300m

Contact us on the numbers and address below.


Lanre A.

08033082421- Office line
Plot 654 Franca Afegbua Crescent

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How Aluko, Omokore laundered $1.76b stolen from NNPC on Choice Estate & Luxury assets

Culled from Vanguard Newspaper

Lagos – Court papers in Lagos Nigeria have detailed how oil businessmen, Kolawole Akanni Aluko and Jide Omokore laundered the $1.7 billion creamed off the questionable oil swap transactions between them and the NNPC, during the tenure of Diezani Alison-Madueke.


Some of the money laundered through the United States and which had been used to acquire assets are now the subject of a forfeiture bid by the United States Justice Department. But the filings in a Lagos court have provided the most insightful details yet into how the entire money was laundered, while the Nigerian treasury was left dry and emasculated.

According to an affidavit sworn at the Federal High Court by Isaac Kehinde Oginni, a lawyer in the Federal Ministry of Justice, both Aluko and Omokore lifted and sold allotted Nigeria’s crude oil. While they were paid for their service, they deliberately diverted to private use, what was due to the Federal Government and the people of Nigeria, in the sum of $1,762,338,184.40. *They bought vehicles with a combined value of over N800million and donated them to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) through its then National chairman Prince Secondus. *They also bought vehicles valued at over N130million and gave them as gifts to former minister of Petroleum, Mrs Dieziani Alison-Madueke and some other management staff of Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC). *Kolawole Aluko paid $18,548,619.99 and N1,070,000,000 to FBN Mortgages Limited as part payment for block A consisting of 26 Flats at 46 Gerrard Road Ikoyi Lagos. The block was bought for a total cost of N5,210,520,315. *Payment of a total sum of $25,839,606.77and N95,000,000 was made to Real Bank for the purpose of part financing the acquisition and renovation of properties by the Atlantic Energy Drilling Concepts Nigeria Limited (AEDC) and Atlantic Energy Brass Development limited (AEBD). The Properties are: Mason apartments at 6 Gerrard Road Ikoyi Lagos comprising 60 units of 3 bedrooms apartment valued at $78,000,000, Marion apartments Block 8 located at 4&5,Onikoyi Estate, Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos consisting of 43 units of apartments valued at $76,160,000, apartments at 33A Cooper Road Ikoyi, Lagos renovated at a total cost of $4,937,750, Admiralty Towers at 8 Gerrard Road Ikoyi, Lagos., which was also renovated. The two businessmen also transferred $69,912,981.15 to the following companies ;Mia Hotels Limited, First Motors Limited, V.I.Petrochemicals, Evergreen Reality &Management, WIz Trade limited, DE First Union Integrated Services and Amity Plus limited.

Kola Aluko

Mr Ogini also averred that Kolawole Aluko literally took residence outside the shores of Nigeria, to embark on a spending spree and assets acquisition in Britain, Canada, United States and Switzerland. Among the assets acquired were houses at: Grove End Road, London NW; 755 Sarbone Road, Los Angeles;952 North Alpine drive Los Angeles;815 Cima Del Mundo. He also bought land at 807 Coma Del Mundo in Los Angeles. Aluko also bought houses or apartments at 1049 Fifth Avenue, New York, 1948&1952 Tolls Avenue, Santa Barbara, 157 West 57th St,New York , 4100 Let Revenge, Dubai. In Nigeria , he bought Avenue Towers in Lagos. He also bought a piece of land in Mont Tremblat, Canada and a property at Colina D’oro Montagnola, Switzerland After hiding his loot in many assets, he also bought the luxury $80million yacht, the Galactica Star, 58 exotic cars, expensive watches, private jets, Global Express S5-GMG and a Bombardier Global 6000 9H-OPE. Cash found in his bank accounts, according to documents before the court are: LDT Switzerland -$25million, Corner Bank, Lugano, Switzerland -$ 1million, Deutsche Bank, Geneva -$40million, HSBC London $175,000. He also had 75% shareholding in Atlantic Energy Drilling concepts Nigeria and Atlantic Energy Brass Development and 10% Shareholding in Seven Energy. The case came before Justice Oluremi Oguntoyinbo of the Federal High Court sitting in Ikoyi, Lagos state last Friday, incidentally the same day the US Justice Department filed a forfeiture bid at a court in Houston. The Nigerian judge adjourned hearing till 29th of September, 2017 to decide whether to stay proceeding in tune with an application filed by the defendants or continue with the case. The Federal Republic of Nigerian and two of its agencies are the plaintiffs and they are ranged against Aluko and Jide Omokore’s Atlantic Energy Drilling Concepts Nigeria Limited (AEDC) and Atlantic Energy Brass Development Limited (AEBD). The Nigerian government wants to recover $1.76 billion from the businessmen and their companies. Omokore is the chairman of the companies, while Kolawole Aluko is a Director. Apart from Aluko and Omokore’s application, a limited liability company Virtual Properties and Investment Limited, has also filed another application as an intervener. The company is urging the court to discharge or vary its order,as it relates to Marion Apartments, on the ground that the property located at Block 8 Plots 4&5 Onikoyi Estate, Banana Island, Ikoyi consists of 56 apartments owned and developed by the intervener. By virtue of two separate deeds of sublease, the intervener said it conveyed its interest in 43 out of the 56 apartments to Realblanc Energy Engineering limited, an affiliate of the defendants. The intervener contends that it still retains ownership of 13 out of the 56 apartments in Marion Apartments. It says that the order of the court is prejudicial to its interest and interferes with its right ownership over these flats. Last year, the Nigerian government had frozen the accounts of the defendants in 19 banks in Nigeria and eight offshore banks. This was sequel to the affidavit deposed by Oginni of the Federal ministry of Justice in Abuja and filed by a Lagos lawyer Oladipo Okpeseyi SAN. The court was urged as a matter of utmost urgency and public interest, in aid of administration of justice to issue a worldwide Mareva order restraining the defendants from dissipating all known assets directly or indirectly by the defendants including but not limited to assets listed on the face of the motion paper filed before the court. After hearing the submission of Okpeseyi, counsel to the Federal Government, Justice Oguntoyinbo restrained the defendants and their agents from demanding, receiving, transacting, mortgaging or whatsoever dealing in any manners with the assets of the defendants in banks, houses, land and shares in Nigeria and others located outside Nigeria ,while the Nigerian banks listed in the motion papers were ordered to within 7days to sequestrate all money and negotiable instruments standing to the credit of the defendants in the sum of $1,762,338,184.40 and keep same in an interest yielding account in the name of the Chief Registrar of the court as trustee of same pending the determination of the motion on notice. The court also ordered that its ruling should be served on the affected parties by way of advertisement in newspapers circulating within and outside the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Read more at:

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Abuja Homes Now Selling!! 2 Bedroom Flats, 3Bedroom Flats & 4Bedroom Terrace duplexes in good location in Abuja

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Abuja Homes Now Selling!! 2 Bedroom Flats, 3Bedroom Flats & 4Bedroom Terrace duplexes in Good Location, Abuja

Planetbridge Media brings you this rare “Abuja Homes” opportunity to own your own dream 2 Bedroom Flat, 3Bedroom Flat & 4Bedroom Terrace duplexes in Karmo a modern and urban area of Abuja, Nigeria. If you are a Nigerian in diaspora or you are based in Nigeria, this offer is really a rare opportunity to cash in quickly before it is all sold out.

Furthermore, the estate is being managed by able fund managers and built by experience developers.They have different options to own your dream home by paying outright, or paying install-mentally. Furthermore, they also have mortgage option at a very friendly interest rate per anuum with a few PMI’s & FMBN. To download the brochure in slideshow, Click Here. For more information and inspection, click the call now button below! In addition, we also help Nigerians in diaspora who cannot come down to inspect physically to view the estate and make safe payments. Best Regards, Adedayo O.O CEO Planetbridge Limited

Call Now for Planetbridge Abuja Homes

Therefore, in conclusion of making your choice of house type, you can fill this form which is especially relevant for us to follow up with your request.

Finally we wish you good luck with your choice.

Thank You, Lanre A Planetbridge Media Management

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Our focus: To connect intelligence from cross-industry functions enabling real-time smart decision making—corporate through to consumer.

Our mission: To help find hidden savings by empowering companies to gain control from infrastructure resources.

Our goal: Market Leaders assisting our clients to build highly efficient, most effective managed companies while ensuring safety.

Our Partners engineers high performance Integrated Building Management Systems(IBMS) which are centralized, interlinked networks of hardware. Such systems monitor and control the environment in commercial, industrial and institutional facilities.We provide critical knowledge to empower and responsibly manage various building systems through a comprehensive holistic view of a building, how the building functions and operates, and who will occupy the space.While managing the building systems, our automation system ensures the operational performance of the facility as well as the comfort and safety of building occupants.

We apply key focus to the “common denominator”across multiple industries such as:Utilities(Electricity/Water/Gas),Smart Meters &AMI, Remote Telco Sites, Data centers, Hospitals, Office Buildings & Complex, Transportation, Emergency Response, Shopping Malls, Factories, Hotels, Retail and Residential


In addition, For Full Presentation, Call Us on 08033082421 or 08098082421 and Submit Company Profile for consideration.

Call now for integrated building management systems


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Why it may take real estate sector next 2yrs to become productive, profitable



Since the last quarter of 2015 when the slowdown in real estate sector started with low demand and supply glut, investors in this prime asset class have been licking their wounds and it may take as long as the next 24 months for the sector to become productive and profitable again, analysts have said. This…

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Type Cost For 1  Month Total
Banner Image Ad for 3 Blogs @15,000/Blog = N 45,000 45,000.00
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Headline Image Ad for 3 Blogs @40,000/Blog = N 120,000 x 3 Months 360,000.00
Banner Image Ad for 3 Blogs @15,000/Blog = N 45,000 x 3 Months 135,000.00
Page-Post  Ad for 3 Blogs @10,000/Blog = N 30,000 x 3 Months 90,000.00
Email Ad to all 3 Blogs. Three times or more in 3 Months One Time Fee@ N 200,000 200,000.00
Grand Total 785,000.00


Type Cost For 3 Months Total
Headline Image Ad for 3 Blogs @40,000/Blog = N 120,000 x 6 Months 720,000.00
Banner Image Ad for 3 Blogs @15,000/Blog = N 45,000 x 6 Months 270,000.00
Page-Post  Ad for 3 Blogs @10,000/Blog = N 30,000 x 6 Months 180,000.00
Email Ad to all 3 Blogs. Six times or more in 6 Months One Time Fee@ N 400,000 400,000.00
Grand Total 1,570,000.00
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Planetbridge Nigeria Ltd is a Nigerian based system Integrator and project house, which focuses on solutions for Governmental, Corporate and Private Companies using patented solutions from “Technology Pace Setters” worldwide. Presently our partnerships spread across 3 continents which are Europe, North America and the Emirates. Planetbridge supplies elegant and effective solutions based on “best-of-breed” international standards which are integrated using our expertise base. With respect to this proposal, we are also pleased to inform you that Planetbridge are the owners of the social/professional media network Blogs which serves the Real Estate, ICT, Automobile and other sectors. We also have social groups with thousands of active member’s and our company page on face book.


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We hope that your company will patronize our solution for corporate and social media communications that can be targeted to any required online audience as each advert can reach different groups such as (the affluent, middle class and the mass market). We look forward to making you one of our priority clients.

Yours faithfully,
Planetbridge Nig. Ltd

 Kayode Adedayo


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Industrial Real Estate Market Reports in Nigeria 2017

View Trends, Analysis and Statistics. offers immediate download access to top market reports on the Industrial Real Estate Industry. Select the report that interests you.

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Fashola disowns N2bn planted in Housing ministry budget.

By Henry Umoru & Joseph Erunke
ABUJA— Minister of Works, Power and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, yesterday, shocked the Senate with the denial of N2 billion allegedly voted for regional housing scheme by the Ministry of Finance. The money is part of the N64.991 billion budgetary proposals for the housing sector this year. Speaking, yesterday, in Abuja when he appeared before the Committee on Land, Housing and Urban Development, led by Senator Barnabas Gemade, APC Benue North East, to defend the 2017 budget, Fashola said the Ministry of Finance planted it in the 2017 budgetary profile of the Ministry of Housing as its own initiative, tagged “Regional Housing Scheme.” Fashola He was merely responding to the question raised by chairman of the committee, who requested to know how the ministry came about the regional housing scheme. Fashola said: “I know as much of it as you do because it is not our initiative.” Following the denial, Gemade ordered the committee clerk to write the Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun, to appear before it for explanation on what she knew about the N2 billion allocation which Fashola disowned. Fashola requested the committee to add N6 billion to the total budget estimate of the ministry as an appropriated vote for payment of the $11.9 million Nigeria was owing Shelter Afrik, a Housing Development and Financing Organisation which has membership in 44 African countries. He added that as one who currently chairs the governing board of the organization on the slot of Nigeria, indebted nations, as Nigeria, were set to be expelled from the organization by the end of this year if they refused to pay their dues to avoid total collapse of the development organization. In his presentation, Fashola said other votes in the N64.199 billion 2017 budgetary proposals of the Housing Ministry, aside the questionable N2 billion earmarked for regional housing scheme, were the National Housing Progromme, N41.89 billion; construction, completion and rehabilitation of federal secretariats, N5.379 billion; Zik Mausoleum and Prototype Housing Scheme, N1.325 billion and Projects and Programmes under PPP, N3.367 billion. Others are Cadastral URD and Lands, N3 billion; URD/Special Projects, N2.140 billion; payment of outstanding local debts, N1.2 billion; and Constituency Outreach Intervention Projects, N1.69 billion etc. The committee asked the Minister to forward a written request through the Ministries of Finance and Budget and National Planning. There was, however, disagreement between the two parties when the seemingly moribund status of the Federal Housing Authority, FHA, was raised.

Read more at:

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Economic uncertainty filters into Lagos house prices

Aerial view of Lagos PHOTO: CLUTTONS

As the Nigerian economy continues to suffer one of its worst recessions in recent history, transaction in the Lagos real estate sector remain slow last year culminating in either house price falls or a rapid deceleration of house price rises.

According to the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics (NBS), the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) recorded negative growth in the first two quarters of the year at -0.36 per cent (q1) and -2.06 per cent (q2) respectively and by the third quarter GDP had fallen by -2.24 per cent.

In the latest Lagos House Price Index – 2017 released by Residential Auctions Company (RAC), housing markets is losing momentum in highbrow residential locations within the selected areas. For instance, Lagos Island sub-locations of Ikoyi, Victoria Island and Lekki Phase 1, house prices moved in different directions in 2016. In Ikoyi, asking house prices were down by -12.29 per cent. Also in Victoria Island, asking house prices fell by -10.62 per cent.

The drop in asking house prices in both sub- locations can simply be attributed to the excess supply of houses on the market for sale and waning demand for housing, due to few buyers, bringing about a low volume of transaction.However, in Lekki Phase 1, asking house prices rose by 15.53 per cent due to renewed interest and demand for houses in this location. Overall, average house prices in Lagos Island house fell for the second year running in what could be termed to be a market correction of prices.

The last 12 months saw asking house prices fall in this market by -5.58 per cent as the average house price for a four/five-bedroom house was N172, 214, 772. Despite the -5.58 per cent drop for 2016, it was nothing compared to the drastic drop of the preceding year 2015 of -25 per cent and shows that the Lagos Island housing market is showing some form of resilience and come back.

In Lagos Mainland, asking house prices varied across different sub-locations as some locations
saw drops in asking prices and others saw a rise in asking house prices.

Overall, average house prices in Lagos Mainland increased by 2.33 per cent as the average house price for a four/five-bedroom house was N75,509, 463. The steep increase keeping in line with the increase recorded for the preceding year 2015 at 20per cent.

“The reason for the sustained growth in Lagos Mainland house prices can be attributed to the low supply of houses particularly new housing units in this geographical location and sustained demand,” according RAC Managing Director, Rotimi Akinlose.

“There is no better time particularly for investors seeking long term capital appreciation of assets to invest in the real estate market as we anticipate to see asking prices rising this year.”

Read Online

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Forsale Two Units of 4bedroom Twin Duplex in Maitama. Best DEAL NOW 350m Offer!!


Two units of 4 Bedroom semi detached or twin Duplex on a very prime street in Maitama is for sale.

The Twin duplex are 2 separate properties with individual C of O.  Situated on 1100m2.
Hurry for this best direct offer deal.
Buyer Charges is: 5% of Purchase.

The whole building is for 350m whilst both units are for 175m each. Price is a bit Negotiable.

Tel: 08098082421, 08033082421

Call Now for Twin Duplex Maitama


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Construction Blocks are available For Your Building Projects. Vibrated and Stone dust Quality at Airport Road, Abuja.


For Quality vibrated stonedust construction blocks and Well – Fortified building construction and other Construction jobs, you need Divine Blocks.
Divine Blocks are made from “STONE DUST” and are vibrated blocks, very strong and can stand the test of time. They are produced by modern day machines and the machines are operated by electricity

Furthermore, these are quality blocks produced with highest quality than manual blocks that’s why they are called vibrated blocks which withstand vibrations due to environmental conditions.

With stone dust and vibrated building blocks, your construction is well fortified and of high quality. A trial will convince you.

For request and / or enquiries, please visit us at our site:
beside MANTRAC CAT, ACO, Lugbe – Abuja.
or call us on:
08037051081, 08098082421 OR 08033074152

Our Prices are very competitive!

  • 6″ Inches Block – 150 Naira Each
  • 9″ Inches Block – 165 Naira Each

Buy your vibrated quality stone dust blocks & Well fortified building construction blocks at Divine Blocks, Airport Road, Lugbe. In addition, we can deliver to your site also

Call Now for your vibrated stone dust construction blocks in Abuja

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Exquisite 5 Bedroom Duplex For sale at Asokoro Extension, Abuja, Ngeria

A well Finished Two Units of 5 Bedroom Duplex With 2 Living Rooms and One Study and Box room each with 2 Rooms BQ each including a swimming pool each is for immediate sale. Work done is 95% and remains only Bath, Toilet and Light Fittings. Borehole done but not connected.

PRICE: 300M Negotiable. (We have negotiated for 250m Net) (200:50 Possible on agreement to finish)

Hurry as this offer is only subject to availability and to our viewers.

Tel: 08098082421


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They are both built in a beautiful estate called Graceland estate by Abraham Adesanya Estate in Ajah.

The property consist of
(1) A 5 bedroom duplex with a room BQ

(2) A 3 bedroom duplex also with a room bq. The buildings are beautifully finished with POP ceiling & floor tiles. Borehole and paved surrounding

Both houses have
* A main living room
* A family living (upstairs)
* Dining space
* Kitchen & pantry
* All rooms ensuite.
* Large compound space for car park
* Security houses

They are on the same plot of land but separate entrances.

@N50m and N70m each house



Call to Place Your Advert Today: We have Banner, Header Board and Page Adverts.
Advert prices are all affordable. You can advertise for any audience in any country as we will direct the right audience to your post from within our blog and from the external internet ping backs and Google Traffic. We have good USA, Europe & Africa (especially Nigeria) Visitors Traffic.


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Mainland Park, Mowe, along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway and about 48km from Lagos is just after the Redemption Camp and opposite Christopher University. It is an estate considered to be a model for gated and serviced communities. It is a home ownership scheme that enables people own a home of their own in the face of protracted challenges of the housing market.

Mainland Park is a unique residential estate that comprises of two estates in one (MAINLAND PARK CITY AND MAINLAND PARK REGAL). While the former represents the entire city vision, the latter projects a masterpiece neighborhood development that showcases the thrilling future picture of the city vision.

TITLE: C of O with approved Layout Plan


  • Paved Roads                                               •    Perimeter Fence
  • Green Area                                                  •    Drainage System
  • Pedestrian Boulevard                                  •    Street lights
  • Regular Electricity                                       •    24 Hours Water Supply
  • Security Network and Patrol


For booking site inspection call: 08098082421

Email: (Please put “Planetbridge-MP Home Ownership” in the Subject Line to avoid you sending your mail  to the spam folder)

Signed: Management



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Limited Sales: Plots of land at Mainland Park City Estate, Lagos/Ogun State.


Two (2) Plots of land are available to sell urgently by distressed owner. Please see details below:

Location: Mowe


Located in a suburb of Lagos called Mowe precisely 48km from Lagos along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway near the famous Redemption Camp.

This estate is over four hundred and fifty hectares(450ha) and interfaces with Ogun state and provides the appropriate blending of residential, commercial, educational, Recreational and all other interactive human activity.

The estate scheme is located at Mowe along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway about 48km from Lagos, just after Redemption Camp

Mainland Park , Mowe, along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway and about 48km from Lagos is  just after the Redemption Camp and opposite Christopher University. It is an estate considered to be a model for gated and serviced mainland-parkcommunities. It is a home ownership scheme that enables people own a home of their own in the face of protracted challenges of the housing market.

The strategic location of the estate which is just 1.6km from Nigeria’s foremost highway has very high prospects for developments. The advantage of near equidistant access from Lagos, Abeokuta and Sagamu, including its potential succor to the overflowing population of Lagos, all lend credence to the fact that the estate is a project that bridges the present and the future.

Mainland Park is a unique residential estate that comprises of two estates in one (MAINLAND PARK CITY AND MAINLAND PARK REGAL). While the former represents the entire city vision, the latter projects a masterpiece neighborhood development that showcases the thrilling future picture of the city vision.

It encompasses residential, commercial, educational, institutional and recreational spaces aimed at enhancing human interactions. It is centered at maximizing users’ satisfaction in terms of cost, time and quality with its rich package of treasured buildings, state-of-the-art infrastructures and a sustainable environment.

The conceptual layout of the estate allows for openness and flexibility in the zoning of buildings and infrastructures while the circulation concept encourages unhindered traffic flow both ingress and egress, for people and services.

Mainland Park boasts of optimum security and it is free of any known inconveniences associated with real estate. Pentagon Real Estates Investment Limited also possesses the Certificate of occupancy.



CONTACT: LANRE – 08033082421 OR 08098082421
(We can assist “DIASPORA VISITORS” purchase plots as we have been commissioned to assist by the Estate Office)


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