17 Innocent People Who Tragically Died While Trying to Take a Selfie


Imagine you are on a holiday with your family or friends. You see something great and you know that a million regular photos has been snapped before, with that exact scene. How to spice things up for your virtual friends and make them hate you more? Of course, take a selfie. Hold right there!

Before you go even further with this idea, you should know that taking a selfie comes with incredible risks attached to it. Driving, flying, or doing any other activity that requires you to focus is from the start not compatible with taking a selfie. If animals are involved, chances are they will not like your idea. And the list goes on. We have chosen 17 innocent people who tragically died while trying to take a selfie in an attempt to raise awareness on the tragic phenomenon. People are dying before or after taking their beloved pics. Is it really worth it?

Taking a selfie has become a second nature for most people and even professional photographers are dropping the charges on this new form of artistic expression. However, with so many cases where things went wrong, some measures need to be taken. Tourist officials are beginning to create selfie free areas, where this dangerous sport is allowed. At the same time, insurance company let no one go on a trip without asking first “Are you going to take a selfie while enjoying your vacation?”.

1. Down The Stairs At The Taj Mahal

1-down-the-stairs-at-the-taj-mahalVIA GETTY IMAGES

With terrorist threats at each step of the way, taking selfies while on vacation might seem the safest thing in the world. This was not the case for a Japanese tourist on vacation in India.

As we all know, taking a selfie with a monument in the background requires not only a long enough selfie-stick, but also some delicate positioning. Trying to get the angle right fully absorbs some people, and it is much easier for them to ignore the risks.

What was supposed to be the perfect vacation photo to make your friends at home jealous ended up with a death certificate. We are curious what happens with social media profiles once the user is dead. Is there a Facebook heaven where you can add God as friend?

2. Bull Fighting Selfie


via Megusta

The running of the bulls is an enduring Spanish tradition and no UN resolution or UE regulation is able to bring it outside the law. Bulls will continue to run, men will die or get injured, while those surviving the experience will have one heck of a story to tell.

Nowadays, a story is nothing without a selfie and there is a growing trend of bull runners risking their odds just for the sake of a memorable pic.

What everyone was expecting really happened in August 2015. A man was gored to death in the Spanish city of Pamplona. The 32-year-old David Lopez was foolish enough to leave the protected area and capture on film a feud between two bulls. Sick of running in vain, the animals sought revenge when they saw the man armed only with the latest iPhone in hands.

We have reasons to believe the man died with a smile on his face. He had fulfilled a life’s goal by taking one of the best selfies ever. Unfortunately, the footage was confiscated and kept as evidence by the police.

3. Happy Car Accident3-happy-car-accident

via The Listicles

The new era of selfies is one in which every emotions has be carefully recorded and posted on social media. For this woman, it was enough saying that she is happy. Unfortunately, the selfie she took was the last one.

Courtney Stanford died on April 26, 2014 in North Carolina, when her car veered across the center of the road and collided with ongoing traffic. The car hit a truck just before being sent outside the road and directly into a tree.

Apparently, the woman was listening to Pharrell Williams’s “Happy” song and this distracted her beyond what is considered safe on public roads. Her selfie was so good the family decided to keep it for the funeral.

4. End of Europe Selfie

via Romance Meets Life

Before Brexit enthusiasts exult, we are not talking about the end of Europe in the political term. Cabo da Roca is the westernmost point of Europe, a nostalgic place to see the Old Continent meet the stormy waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The place is truly spectacular and visiting without taking at least a selfie can be considered a sin. While taking the regular selfie you see in every touristic guide offers a safe position, going for something extra leaves you at the mercy of fate.

One Polish couple was too obsessed with making their Facebook friends hate their lives and decided to push the envelope. The men and women fell hundreds of meters and died, and all of that was witnessed by their children. Those kids will probably form the small future minority that will ask for selfies to be made illegal.

5. Last Selfie


via Daily Mail
What can be better than a son and a mother sharing the same selfie? Most teenager hate their parents for interfering with their social media habits and most of them would see this as a taboo. However peaceful it might seem, there is something shocking about this particular picture. The flight scheduled to land in Kuala Lumpur and make many dream holidays possible never reached its destination. MH17 was shot by a missile as it went pas Eastern Ukraine.

This selfie was taken and uploaded just seconds before take-off and it helps to remind us of that tragic loss.

6. Deadly Walrus

via Getty Images

You probably love animals, but how far are you willing to go in order to take a selfie with your favorite creature? The answer was simple for a Chinese businessman. However, the outcome can haunt the mind of any animal enthusiast.

The man ignored all safety instructions and entered the pool where a 1.5-ton female walrus was doing her daily routines. The man was dragged by the giant beast under water and even one zookeeper got involved in the incident.

Apparently, the walrus wanted only to play and hated selfies more than anything else. Everything was captured by surveillance cameras and the video existed for a limited period on the Internet. Adults prove to have the same dangerous obsession for selfies as their children.

7. The Death Of A Legend

7-the-death-of-a-legendvia Imgur

If this selfie seems a bit unprofessional to you, it is because it was taken in 2012, not exactly the most fertile period in terms of phone camera quality. Selfies were quite exotic back then and now suspected what was about to happen in the years to come.

Jenni Rivera was a legend of Mexican music and her death shocked everyone. The 43 year old died in a plane crush together with six others. The accident happened on December 9, 2012 and was top news for weeks in a row. The selfie taken above was taken immediately after take-off and it is the last photo we have of Rivera.

While it is highly unlikely for the selfie to have caused the crush, they do have a rule in effect at most airline companies. Mobile phones should be switched off during the flight to avoid damaging on board equipment.

8. Grenade Selfie


via Image Leech

As you probably expected, Russia is coming strong from behind with cases of selfies turned deadly. While most Russians are far from being considered innocent people, they do deserve our compassion for their tragic losses at the hands of selfies. One case stands from the rest because it happened in the military. Two Russian soldiers stationed in the Ural Mountains decided a grenade is enough to spice up their selfie routine. You would give a kidney to take a selfie with a Kalashnikov, but these men scratch their backs with them every day.

We all know how grenades (even new ones) are unreliable and it just happened for the device to explode after the selfie was taken.

9. Posing with a Gun

9-posing-with-a-gunvia Freakout Nation

America is gun country and showing your beloved firearms is close to being a religion there. As the new selfie craze hit our society some years ago, the traditional family photo with firearm was replaced by the more personal selfie with a gun.

The scenario is simple and it involves holding the finger on the trigger in a self-menacing way. However, it is easy to forget which button to push. This is exactly what happened with a 43-year-old from Concrete, Washington.

To make matters worse, he was right beside his girlfriend who witnessed the entire scene and, as a bonus, had to repaint the room herself. No pink or red tones for sure.

10. High Altitude Selfie


via Air News Live

Selfies are responsible for many road accidents happening around the world. What happens when the ones taking them are pilots? Unbelievably, everything learnt in the flying academy in terms of safety is put behind when social media glory and narcissism are at the horizon.

We will not lie to you. The above photo is fake and it is impossible for pilots o open cockpit windows at high altitude. The speed of the plain and low pressure existing at high altitudes would quickly deplete the cabin reserves of air.

Nevertheless, low altitude flights on private planes open a completely new window of opportunities. A man lost control of a Cessna 150 and crashed while trying to take the ultimate selfie. A GoPro was found near the wreckage, revealing how an obsession like this can kill innocent people.

11. An Electric Selfie

11-an-electric-selfievia Weather Pix

In the case of a lighting storm, metallic selfie sticks as an improvised rods and can cause serious injuries and even death. This is exactly what happened with one English hiker that was trekking through Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales.

The incident took place in July 2015 and contributed in making the list of death caused by selfies more generous.

We are not certain if the selfie the man was trying to take involved nature’s display of electricity, or if it was just a coincidence. We will probably never know. The man as well as the smartphone were completely pulverized.

12. Selfie Ruins A First Date


via Facebook

Selfie are so popular today that it is impossible to imagine a teenager who does not take them and it is still considered normal by his friends. If you add lovers in the equation, selfies are what make relationships stronger in the eyes of others.

Everyone told James Nichols that his visit to South Africa to meet his online girlfriend was a bad idea. However, no one was able to guess what would happen. The freshly reunited couple tried to set up an elaborate photo when the 21-year-old girl fell from the cliffs.

Cheynee Holloway was found dead by rescue teams and there was nothing to do but establish the case of death. It was a real premiere, as this was South Africa’s first death by selfie.

13. Don’t Touch The Wires

via Oddee
Teenagers who get killed while taking selfies often skipped a very important lesson in school. For Ana Ursu, a 18-year-old Romanian from Iasi city, that lesson was on how trains work.

The attempt to take the “ultimate” selfie turned into a tragedy as the she accidentally touched a live wire on top of a train. 27,000 volts passing through your body are not exactly a pleasant experience to go through or even watch. The girl did not die because of the initial shock, but because of the burns that covered an important percentage of her body.

We can only wonder why on earth a beautiful girl like her needs extra attention in social media. She probably had thousands of friends and each photo of her scored at least 100 likes. We will never answer this.

14. Deadly Selfie That Ruined A Wedding

via Oddee\
A bachelorette party is one last chance for the bride to have some fun with her best friends. Although alcohol and male strippers often make their way into the equation, everything settles until the wedding.

This was not the case for bride-to-be Colette Moreno, who died in a car crash on her way to her bachelorette party. This selfie, taken just seconds before the impact, is all we have to unravel the mystery.

Colette was the one taking the selfie from the passenger seat. We all know how girls reacts when there is the slightest possibility of appearing in a selfie. Her best friend lost control of the vehicle and created one more selfie victim to add to the list.

15. Bathroom Trouble In The Selfie Olympics

via Oddee

Now that the Olympic Games in Rio are over, it helps to know that the event has an equivalent in the selfie world. The Selfie Olympics is the name given to a Facebook page that encouraged people to post some of the weirdest and shocking photos of them.

The very popular trend claimed the life of Oscar Reyes in January 2015, who attempted something spectacular in the bathroom. We do not know details, but it caused him to injure his head. He was found by his mother surrounded by a pool of blood.

The young men was encouraged to try for gold when his previous Sponge Bob costume selfie gathered 200 likes.

16. Flying Selfie With A Tough Landing


via Daily Mail

The walls of Machu Picchu have not seen death since the time of the conquistadors. Everything changed when a German tourist attempted a flying selfie.

Oliver Park, 51 at that time, ignored all safety precautions and chose a dangerous spot for his act of bravery. What he failed to take into account was the inertia that he gained once in the air. As he landed, his feet slipped on the rocks and sent him down a steep slope.

Nearby tourists could only watch as the selfie makes yet another victim.

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