Is this what Revelations Chapter 9 means?

Well this is revolutionary without the use of nuclear weapons. However in the wrong hands, evil may just have it’s day!

Campaign to stop this is on but it won’t work as far as the mind of men is planted on evil they will hijack it but God will send the locusts of revelations chapter 9 to torment those evil people with locusts that can’t be programmed. In the last days knowledge shall increase and man shall invent and do that which nobody taught will be possible. Today there are breaking news of the first human head transplant success so very soon we will be seeing humans that look like mutants but actually human+animal head or vice versa. Let’s watch and see. The book of revelations warns us to walk with God and be saved from the timeline of the seals, trumpets and bowls of wrath that is to come so we can enjoy a 1000 years of heaven on earth!

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